Favorite Spaces from the 2015 DC Design House

Something always takes me to Maryland during the DC Design House, so I try to stop and see it as I drive home. This year, the house was in Virginia for the first time in my memory. Also for the first time in a while, the house was new construction. Beautiful new construction, of course.

I didn't take pictures of the first several rooms, but then I realized that the "no photography" rule was out the window on the last weekend of the event. People were snapping pictures left and right. In past years, I've seen room attendants scold visitors for pulling out their phones to get a picture of a favorite space.

One of the spaces getting the most attention was this incredible installation in the backyard.

Since I'm getting ready to do a bathroom, I was really interested in the tile and fixture choices in the bathrooms. I felt like there were 20 of them.

Do I really need to write notes on every picture? Probably know. Half of the people who see this will probably just be scrolling to see the pictures. Have at it...


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