Would You Mix Metal Finishes in a Bathroom?

Did I mention that our new vanity came with almost everything needed to install it? That includes a faucet. I LOVE the size and shape of the faucet because it extends well into the sink area. One of my pet peeves are "short" faucets that have you almost touching the back of the sink as you're washing your hands. Why do they make faucets that only extend a couple inches? It's so odd.

Anyway, the faucet is great...except that the finish is brushed nickel.

The faucet matches the pulls on the vanity cabinet.

 As I shared earlier this week, the flush mount and vanity light fixtures I purchased have a nice, shiny chrome finish.

The metal items still on my shopping list are:
  • shower fixtures (shower head, handles, hand shower)
  • towel bars/ring
  • door hooks
  • toilet paper holder

I'll probably also have some finish options for the hinges on the frameless shower partition we are planning to purchase towards the end of the project.

I'm trying to decide if I should mix metal finishes or not. If I mix, do I evenly mix the finishes? Just let the brushed nickel faucet and cabinet hardware be the "odd" items and match everything else to the light fixtures? Match the shower to the faucet and let everything else be polished chrome?

When I googled "mixed finishes in bathrooms," I found so many pictures that made the mix look just fine.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards buying a new faucet and letting the vanity cabinet hardware be the lone brushed finish in the room. I love shiny finishes and in the grand scheme of things, I hadn't originally planned on getting a faucet with the bathroom vanity.

Do you mix metals in your rooms? Do you notice it when others do? I haven't admit that I can't remember noticing a mix before at someone else's house.


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