Things that Make you Hate your House

Spending the day volunteering at the Charlottesville Design House inspired me to stop at the paint store on the way home for a gallon of paint to use in the kitchen. I figured I would paint the walls in Benjamin Moore's Simply White to have a nice, clean space in which to make a decision about the right color for the cabinets.

The first step was to take down a weird shelf that was hanging in the eat-in area. The first annoyance was that the hardware had been plastered and painted over, so I had to chip the plaster out of the holes and then clean out the tops of the nails so I could get a screwdriver into them. Even after all the screws were out, the self was stuck to the wall by several layers of paint, so I had to wait for Marc to get home and help me pull it down.

Once we had the shelf off the wall, we had a really upsetting surprise:

The original wallpaper was still on the wall behind the shelf. I wondered if there was any way the previous owner had take the paper off the rest of the wall before painting.

No such luck. When I peeled some of the paper, it pulled the paint off with it, even in spots where there hadn't been any shelving.

The paper pulled of the top layer of drywall as well.

I felt like taking a sledgehammer to the entire kitchen just like on a home makeover show on HGTV at this point. How many more shortcuts are we going to find in this disaster of a house? I'm so tired of every project having a curve ball thrown into it.

So you know what I did? I sanded this crap, put a really bad skim coat on it, and painted over it. It looks horrible, but so does the rest of the kitchen. The kitchen is moving up on the renovation list. I thought I could live with it once I slapped some paint on the walls, but I can't.

Sometimes I feel like we've been punked with this place.


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