Shopping for a Bathroom Vanity Online

It's time to revisit our first bathroom renovation. We are hoping to have the project done over the summer, so I need to start gathering fixtures and materials!

We have a general idea about the tile we want to use (carrara marble) and I already posted about finding a toilet. We decided to shop for a vanity next and possibly make a purchase soon so we spread our material costs out over a few months.

I posted a couple weeks ago about my trip to Ferguson to look at vanities, but I also found out that almost everything they were selling was being imported. For the prices and the lead time, I didn't see the point.

This wasn't something I wrote about last time, but I honestly felt uncomfortable with my experience there. The salesperson kept wanting to know the name of my "builder" despite me telling him at the very start that we were renovating our current home, not building a new one. He also questioned me about the fact that I don't have children and then decided to give me some advice about that. So...yeah...uncomfortable.

Moving on, I started looking at online options for bathroom vanities. There are SO many. A company that came up again and again as I searched various websites was Kitchen Bath Collection. Their vanities come up on Amazon, Wayfair, Hayneedle, and so many more. I read reviews for almost every item they sell (figuring a review about a 48" vanity's quality is probably valid for a 36" one) and had a long list of models that I liked.

I was debating a white or gray vanity, but after taking a few clandestine pictures of bathrooms at the DC Design House last weekend, I decided to stick with white. These pictures show the same vanity, just in different colors:

Dang it. Posting them makes me think the gray looks pretty nice...but I'm going to stick with the white. It's classic and simple. It'll look great with marble tile.

After a lot of reading and scrutinizing photos, we narrowed the options down to two vanities: the Katherine and the Elizabeth.

The features I liked about this vanity: open space inside the cabinet, a round sink, and pretty curves. It might be a little too feminine for Marc's tastes, though. I don't know we'll use the back splash (it is a separate, but included piece).

I liked the edges of the counter (looks kind of ogee?) and the back splash is pretty. Marc definitely liked the overall shape of this one better. I'm not sure I like the square sink or the interior drawer.

Obviously, the marble is a bit of a gamble. It could have super heavy veining or very little. The pictures aren't consistent. I also read a review that said the ogee is formed by two, thin pieces of marble being glued together. Once I read that, I noticed the disruption in the veining when I looked at the edges closely.

I took advantage of Amazon's "Ask a question" feature and asked just that. The answers were so interesting.

The response I framed in red is from Kitchen Bath Collection and they're obviously right...most people don't realize that the ogee is formed by two slabs of marble. Even this morning, another answer came in asking "Who told you that?"

We're getting close...though I agree with Marc that the overall look of the Elizabeth vanity is nice, I'm just not sure I'm crazy about that square sink of the interior drawer.


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