Selecting Lighting Fixtures for the Bathroom

I got a postcard in the mail about a sale at Shades of Light's outlet store in Midlothian, Virginia. Shades of Light is based in Richmond and they operate the "Decorating Outlet" in the suburbs to sell floor models and damaged items. Sometimes the staff will harvest parts of damaged fixtures to create something totally new, so there are some one-of-a-kind items there.

I had started to look at light fixtures for the bathroom on my favorite lighting websites, but had to stop myself. I tend to fall in love with expensive light fixtures and have a hard time settling once I have something in mind. For this basement bathroom, we don't need to go super high end. What's more, we want to get this project done this summer. 

Decorating Outlet always has a wall of vanity lights and scones, so I was pretty sure I could find a fixture for over the new vanity. Their flush mount selection isn't as large, but I was hoping that I could find something simple.

It always takes me a few passes to settle on a few contenders because the store is so packed full. With the sale going on, the shop was busier that I've ever seen it. Of course, I managed to take a pictures that don't back that up...

 The staff was great at managing all the people in the shop. One woman seemed to know why every item was there...whether it was a floor model, a photo shoot leftover, or actually damaged. I almost left empty handed until I started talking to her. She reassured me that the one vanity light I thought would work was just a photo shoot leftover. She suggested a flush mount to go with it and pointed out that it had a ding on one side...the side that will be facing the wall in our bathroom.

Together, I think they look pretty nice!

I spent about $250 on the two fixtures at the sale. Of course, when I got home, I looked up how much I would have spent if I had ordered them. I saved about $150 with my little trip to Richmond!

With the vanity selected and lighting purchased, it's probably time to think about plumbing fixtures next.


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