Our Kitchen Bath Collection Vanity Arrived!

*I don't think this posted yesterday, so I'm trying again!*

Do you remember the scene in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when Amy Sedaris throws herself on marble counters in the Vorhees kitchen, screaming about carrara marble? I was close this morning. Our bathroom vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection arrived!

The day after I placed the order, KBC called to explain how shipping and delivery would work. They followed up with an email and a picture of our vanity waiting to be picked up at their California warehouse. The vanity made it to Richmond in four or five days and Marc set up a delivery appointment for this morning. The driver called one hour before he arrived so our 9am-12pm delivery window turned into 9am-9:30am.

I was happy to see that, just as KBC instructed, nothing was on top of the package.

There was definitely another vanity in the truck and the driver said he was in Charlottesville every day making deliveries. So, there are probably some KBC vanities in other houses in town. 

The driver waited for us to peel back the layers of packaging (plastic wrap, cords, cardboard, thin sheets of wood, more cardboard, foam, and packing bubbles). When we saw that all of the corners were fine, we signed off and he was on his way.

I could help but snap a picture of the counter when we got the box open.

The vanity is HEAVY. The box says it's about 220 lbs.We were able to get it inside using some movers' straps I bought a few years ago. We each put our straps under the vanity and used the loops to pick the whole thing up. It wasn't easy, but we managed to get up our stairs pretty quickly.

Here it is in our (still untouched) laundry room:

The hardware matches the faucet we got from KBC, which is brushed chrome (I think).

The finish is good. It's not perfection, but it's solid for the cost. 

I had thought the sink looked small in the product images, but it is a nice size.

I had been most concerned about the marble countertop being made of two slabs of marble. Some buyers didn't realize that there were two slabs, but I think it's obvious. There's some grit and dust on it, so maybe the seam won't be as noticeable when I clean things up.

The edge is pretty nice!

I almost forgot about the back splash! It's nicer than I expected, with a beveled edge. 

We are still a little ways away from starting work on the bathroom. Next, I'll be looking for shower fixtures, ordering tile, and looking for a vendor who does frameless shower walls and doors. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!


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