Our Classic, White Bathroom Vanity is on the Way! (and a surprise discount)

My last post was about narrowing down the many bathroom vanity options we found online. We ultimately were deciding between the Katherine and Elizabeth vanities by Kitchen Bath Collection. I liked the curves of the Katherine and Marc liked the more traditional look of the Elizabeth.

 I wound up asking a question about the vanity on Amazon and several people responded with helpful comments. One said that she had used the Elizabeth at her lake house and included a link. She didn't use the back splash, but I think the vanity looks great.

 The weirdest thing happened. After Kitchen Bath Collection answered my question on the Amazon listing, the price dropped by $200. I wondered if it happened because I visited the page about a dozen times because people kept posting comments under my question. Regardless, I placed the order.

Yesterday afternoon, KBC called to tell me the vanity was leaving their warehouse and to explain how shipping would work. Then they sent an email with more information including this picture:

The email explained that the white cone on top of the crate is to prevent the shipping company from stacking anything on top of the vanity.

We should get a call about delivery next week!


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