How to Get Rid of the Ants in Peonies

This is just a super quick post because I was late getting started today due to some happenings at home (more on this tomorrow, I think). Last night, I was talking to a friend about our peonies and those tiny ants that are inside them came up.

There is something about peonies that little ants love. I did a little reading and found that they like the eat "sticky sugars" inside the flowers. That same website says the solution is to pick your peonies before they open up, so there aren't any ants inside them when you bring the flowers indoors. I always wait too long and wind up with the ants.

When we were hanging our hummingbird feeders a few weeks ago, I realized that I had a solution. Those little ants can't swim, which is why we hang an ant moat over some of our hummingbird feeders. They can crawl up almost any thing, but once they hit water, they can't go any further.

I started putting a little saucer of water under each of the vases I used for peonies. I haven't seen any ants on the table since!


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