From the Hoop: Spring Edition

It's been months since I shared some pictures of embroidery projects and the images I want to share are piling up!

First, there are a five images from my friend Samantha Brooke's wedding, taken by Jen Fariello Photography. Samantha had so many incredible, personal details incorporated into her wedding and I loved working with her along the way to embroidery her napkins (the prettiest color!), chair signs (which doubled as signs on the doors of the UVa Chapel), fabric for corn hole bags, and a thank you sign. Working with Samantha made me wish I had my embroidery machine before I got married!

So many people seem to be abandoning paper cocktail napkins and using linen napkins instead. I love this trend and was excited about doing some napkins sets for a few friends...

This next monogram was put on an antique hand towel. I have to admit that I held my breath while I did this one.

I worked with local designer Kathy Davies Donovan on this sheet set and I love how she had me place the eyelets in a whimsical fashion around her monogram. I also love that she went super traditional and used her monogram on the linens instead of a "couples" monogram. 

This next project was a favorite. A woman I know had a baby girl and I wanted to send them a gift. I put the little girl's monogram inside a pretty, floral flame on one side of the blanket. Knowing the new dad was a Phish fan, I decided to put a sweet, positive lyric from a song the lead singer wrote ("and the light shines on") on the corner opposite the monogram and added a few "donuts," which is a motif that is used in some Phish goods.

Towels are a pretty traditional item to monogram, so I don't think I need to give too many notes on these!

I did a few projects for older girls. One is a patch for a backpack and the other is a cute tote bag.

Lastly, I am sharing yet another favorite. My friend Stephanie Marie Garcia is a professional athlete, sponsored by New Balance. She sent me one of her warm-up jackets to monogram. I loved getting a few pictures from her once the jacket arrived back in Greenville, South Carolina, where she trains. If you're interested in following Stephanie's track season, which has been incredible already, check out her instagram. She's amazing!

 That's it from the embroidery studio. Have a wonderful weekend!


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