Would you paint multiple rooms the same color?

There was a time when I would find looking through my paint fan decks so entertaining. I loved putting together color combinations and palettes. Perhaps it's because my condo had an open floor plan and the majority of the place was painted one color. I think the condo only had four colors in it at the end - BM Smoke in the majority of the place, BM Secret in the kitchen, BM Quiet Moments in the bathroom, and BM Maritime White in the bedroom.

With about 15 rooms in the house, there are so many walls to paint. I thought I'd have so much fun picking colors. I guess I did...but after picking a couple, I keep thinking that I would love to paint more rooms with them. The living room would look great painted the same pale pink (BM Shell Pink) that I used in the front hall. But this house doesn't have an open floor plan like the condo. Does painting adjacent rooms the same color work?

Another option is to go neutral in the living room and pull my beloved pink into the space with fabric, like in this room by Anne Hepfer, which is painted with BM Ranchland.


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