Paint Obsessed (now in the kitchen)

I don't know why I keep flittering from one idea to the next these days, but after a couple days of contemplating painting the living room, I started thinking about painting the old and plain cabinets in our kitchen. One day, we'll do a full kitchen renovation, but that is way down the line. The kitchen functions. While it isn't pretty, it works.

The tricky piece of the puzzle is the granite the previous owner put in a few years ago. It is called Copper Sunset granite (the paperwork was in a design drawer) and it is pretty special.

I have debated painting the cabinets white or a gray that has some beige in it. I think white would make the counters scream out at you, so I started thinking about grays. At one point, I turned to the forums at Houzz for ideas and most suggested a gray that picks up on some flecks in the granite. One person said a minty green would counter (haha) the color nicely.

The green seemed a bit too out there, so I started looking at grays and beiges. 

Which led to the inevitable trip to the paint store to get samples. I ordered six samples and was certain one would emerge as the winner.

You know what happens when I can't decide on a color? I keep painting. And painting. I painted an entire side of one bank of cabinets with the sample paints.

Then I painted some uppers in the same colors to see how they looked in different lighting.

Marc had a clear favorite (the last color, BM Stone Harbor) and I thought two were solid contenders. The first color, BM Northern Lights, and the fourth, BM Plymouth Rock.

So I did another round of painting, at which point Marc decided he hated Stone Habor and liked Northern Cliffs. I liked Plymouth Rock.

So there was yet another round of painting.

And now we hated them both.

Just for the heck of it, I added a little section of some beiges that I had in the house - Manchester Tan and Maritime White. Then I painted a section in Simply White to see if white would look better compared to the grays.

Now I'm confused.

Tuesday night, I saw a kitchen on House of Turquoise with light blue/green cabinets and started wondering if that one person on Houzz was right...would the green work with the pink counters?

J. Bryant Boyd Design-Build design, photographed by Carlos Baron / via House of Turquoise
I've been playing with Benjamin Moore's website where you can virtually "paint" a room, but it isn't helping much. Once again, I'm stumped.


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