Craigslist Alert for Early April

I used to post Craigslist alerts fairly regularly, but it was hard to find interesting things for a while, so I stopped. I took a look at the furniture and antique sections on a whim recently and saw quite a few interesting listings. If you like any of these, clicking on the image will take you right to the Craigslist post where you can get the seller's contact information.

This pair of new chairs came from Green Front, which caught my eye. It looks like they've never been used. For the price, you could pay to have them reupholstered and still spend less then you would for such pretty chairs at a better furniture store!

 These mantles look like they've been restored pretty nicely. I think the details are more interesting that most mantles you'd see at architectural salvage or thrift stores and the bonus is that there are already primed and ready for paint!

 I don't know if I could part with these if they were mine! I love the finish and the contracting color on the embellishments. They'd be great side-by-side in a bathroom.

These chairs might need a little TLC, but for $40, they are a great deal. The fabric seems sun-bleached...maybe it could be dyed?

The shape of this loveseat is interesting and the velvet looks like it's in pretty good condition. Light greens seem to be back this season, too.

It's hard to tell what color these are since the photo isn't great, but in light of the fact that there is a matching pair by Henredon and they are $165 makes me think you ignore the current fabric and spring for new upholstery.

Have you found anything good on Craigslist lately?


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