A #LillyforTarget Recap

When Target and Lilly Pulitzer announced a collaboration, I was one of the people who rolled their eyes. I rarely find Lilly Putlitzer clothing interesting these days. The color palettes are a bit too bright for my complexion and the skirts are a bit too short for my taste. I scrolled through pictures of items and didn't really like what I saw until I got to the home items. I saw a few items that I thought were cute, but not stand-in-line-outside-a-Target cute.

The morning the #LillyforTarget collection went on sale, I was at The Homestead. I woke up around 6:30 AM and went to the computer to see what was going on. The collection had gone live on the Target website around 3 AM and there were already problems. At one point, Lilly shop was selling some unusual items.

Meanwhile, Target staffers were getting ready for a preppy invasion in the stores. Look at their happy, sweet faces. They didn't have any clue that the followers of a juice-selling, New York socialite were about to tear their beautiful displays apart.

And then, it was 8 AM.

Maybe I got caught up in the excitement a little bit, but I ordered two beach towels and a blanket from the Target website. A friend in a part of Florida that is somehow immune to Lilly love picked me up a set of dessert plates and I wound up getting two sets of different plates at my local Target a few days later.

There are Lilly groups on Facebook where people are trading items and even posting pictures of returns at their local stores in case someone online wants anything. It's kind of funny to see everyone sharing updates from their local stores, buying items for total strangers, and trading goods. I don't think this kind of thing happened during past Target collaborations.


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