A Filter Easy Update

It's been about a year since I first posted about signing on with the replacement HVAC filter service, Filter Easy. Our central air system required a huge filter that wasn't sold at the local hardware stores. On top of that, I was horrible about remembering to replace the filter every three months. With Filter Easy, a new filter arrives every three months so I can't forget and I don't have to track down the odd filter.

I unsubscribed from the service for a few months in the fall when we weren't running our air conditioner (the previous owner put in air conditioning, but no heat pump), but started up again when we replaced our HVAC in December.

We just did the first filter change with the new system.

The filter we pulled out was gross. I'm actually thrilled because the ones we replaced with the old system were never that dirty, which made me wonder about how efficient the system was running. This new unit seems to be moving the air well.

The Filter Easy folks sent a coupon code with this most recent shipment. Click here if you'd like to get $5 off shipping your first filter and use the code "HALF4FRIENDS" when you check out to get half off your first order.


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