Shop Tour: Memories Antiques in Manassas

A few weeks ago, I visited the most unusual antique store. The exterior made me question if it was still in business, but some of the reviews I found online were adamant that this place was worth a look. It's called Memories Antiques and it's in Manassas, Virginia.

When I saw the door, I figured I'd do a lightening-face loop through a junk shop and be on my way.

Through those doors, there were some empty and near-empty stalls, but half of the building was taken up by Memories. Memories is full. of. stuff.

It isn't a super high-end antique shop, but it is by no means a junk shop. Everything at which I looked was in great condition and the prices were more than fair.

I had to laugh at finding these chairs in a back corner. I wrote about these chairs a few weeks ago!

Memories Antiques
inside the Bull Run Antique Center
7217 Centreville Road
Manassas, VA 20111


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