Pivot vs. Sliding Shower Doors

I'm aware that I'm hopping around the bathroom a bit, but I keep looking at my spreadsheet of items to select! It's a little overwhelming. I spend a lot of my limited free time googling and reading about fixtures. The easy thing to do would be to walk into Lowes or Ferguson and just make all the decisions at once, but I have always been the person that has to research, research, and research some more before making a big decision.

During our snow day yesterday, I was in the lower level bathroom and realized that the toilet was probably too close to the shower/tub area for the frameless shower door I had envisioned using in the room. I had envisioned a pivot door, one that swings out into the room from the shower.

One option would be to swap the toilet and the sink to allow more clearance for the swinging door, like in this bathroom:

But with all the plumbing on the wall to the right of the door, that would mean the toilet is next to the door. I'm not sure that's ideal? Plus, we know we'll have major work to do with the two upstairs bathrooms and I'm hoping to do a nice job with this one, but not go over-the-top.

We could have a fixed panel installed in half or 2/3 of the shower space so that there is a permanant, open door for the shower.

The best option is to use a sliding shower door. Thankfully, the options are really attractive these days! There are some great frameless and nearly-frameless sliding shower doors on the market!

Via Janie Molster (from Richmond!)

I think the fixed panel and sliding options are the best for us. After looking at dozen of pictures, I actually like those two options better than the pivot door for our space!


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