Kohler's Kallista Line Changes My Inspiration Board!

Have you seen Kohler's Kallista brand of bathroom fixtures? I have to admit that I forgot about them, but stumbled upon the again last night and am sort of regretting it. I never thought I'd get this excited about toilets, but these Kallista ones are...beautiful. There, I said it.

The resolution on their images isn't great, so click through if you want to see more.

Kennebec toilet by Kallista

This one is my favorite of all! I don't even care that the top might not be able to hold anything. It's just so good looking!

Counterpoint by Barbara Barry for Kallista

The faucets and shower fixtures are beautiful, too. I would be torn between putting them in a master bath, so they would be seen, used, and appreciated every day, or in a powder room so every guest would see them. They're like jewelry for the sink!

For Loft collection by Michael S. Smith for Kallista

Look at all the materials available for this faucet from the Per Se line:

Realistically, I don't think I'll be able to put these in our bathrooms. If we just had one bathroom to renovate, perhaps I'd splurge, but with three to redo, I think I'll have to work with some more affordable fixtures. Still, it's so fun to look at the inspiration galleries on the Kallista website and dream...


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