Found in an Old, Saved Magazine

I used to have a pretty random way of handling all of my shelter magazines. I'd flip one as soon as it arrived, then put it in a stack under my coffee table and forget about it until one day the stacks fell over. Then I'd quickly sift through the stacks and recycle almost everything except House Beautiful. I don't care who is editing House Beautiful, I enjoy the magazine. The format is nice, the features are varied, and it always has a nice mix of approachable and aspirational design.

In the house, I have more shelf and storage space, so I have organized my years of House Beautiful issues into magazine files and have started holding onto Traditional Home, Martha Stewart Weddings, and the magazines in which shoots I've been involved are published.

Marc definitely doesn't understand the love of magazines, but he knows that I actually do go back and read old issues sometimes, so the shelf of magazines files is okay with him.

The other day, I was flipping through the Traditional Home from October of 2012 and came upon this feature of a kitchen/great room designed by architect Victor Saroki and desginers Mick De Giulio and Craig Steinhaus. The images are by photographer Werner Straube. A very small detail jumped out at me.

The detail? A Gurgle Pot is stashed on a shelf in the island. Have you ever seen one?

 I think first saw Gurgle Pots at a store called Verity Blue that used to be in the Main Street Market here in Charlottesville. It's possible that my memory is wrong, but where ever it was, I never bought one because I couldn't decide on a color. Gurgle Pots come is such pretty colors!

It seemed like kismet that there was an entire booth dedicated to Gurgle Pots at a charity sale here called Martha's Market. I quickly scooped a white one up for myself and an aqua one for my mother-in-law.

Of course, I had to do a demonstration of my Gurgle Pot. I should have known that youtube would be full of them (there's even an app that mimics the sound). The pitchers are so charming! The story behind them is very cute, too.

All that from a kitchen feature in an old issue of Traditional Home.


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