Bathroom Renovation: Picking a Toilet

Last week, I kept asking myself if I was really going to write a blog post about toilets. Since it took  us a while to settle on a toilet, I'm going to do it.

The easy choice was to go to Lowes and get the Kohler Memoirs Stately toilet that we put into the condo and really liked. The lines were clean, the top wasn't curved so we could store things on the lid, and it was a good looking, if that can be said of toilets.

The bathroom on our lower level is probably going to be used more like a powder room (though the shower area will be used for Baxter's baths). Since it might have lighter use, we thought that having a dual-flush toilet might be nice. The last time around, Kohler didn't have many dual-flush options, but I was hopeful that things would have changed.

Not much has changed. The two Kohler dual-flush toilets we saw weren't too attractive to us. They looked a little "builder grade" on the Kohler website.

We wanted something that was transitional - not modern, but not old-fashioned looking. A bonus would be if it had a relatively simple base for easy cleaning. I really wanted the flushing handle to be on the side of the toilet. Some companies put dual-flush buttons on top of the tank. 

For a while, I was really fixated on a Kohler toilet and I thought we could just install a dual-flush kit on another toilet, but then I found a Toto toilet that had all the characteristics we had discussed. It's the Toto Connelly toilet.

I've learned to ignore the prices on the company websites when I browse. I found the toilet for about $370 on a plumbing supply website.

When I found some other images of the toilet, I got a little worried. The supply line might be kind of obvious?

At this point, I'm not totally sold. I think we need to see it in person before we make a final decision...but I'm leaning towards this model.

Of course, uploading that image made me second guess a decision I thought we had made.


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