From the Hoop: Home Edition

I can't believe I haven't shared any embroidery projects since December! Today, I thought I'd share some of the home projects I've done in recent months. I think linens and blankets have become my favorite things to monogram. I usually get to go big and bold with the designs.

Many of the items I'm working on are from Sferra, one of my favorite companies for luxury bed linens and blankets. Locally, you can get everything Sferra makes at Folly Home Furnishings. If a size or color isn't in the store, they can usually get it in within a couple days, which I found out when I was working on a photoshoot for a new wedding venue and needed good quality, peach napkins. Sferra's hemstitched napkins come in a rainbow of colors and Folly was able to have them for me in two or three days.

The photoshoot also included my first attempt at embroidering on velvet. I made runners and chair flags out of the most beautiful, green velvet (from UFab!) and added a peach monogram for The Market at Grelen, the wedding venue.

Some other Sferra items I've done include several blankets and loads of napkins. The blankets started when the ladies at Folly asked me to monogram one of their display blankets with a big, beautiful "F." I loved how it turned out and I guess others did, too! People have sent me several blankets and they all seem to way that same, beautiful script monogram on them.

I did this last one for my sister-in-law, whose living room window treatments I love because she used the fabric we used in many of the details at our wedding (Vintage Plumes by Robert Allen)!

I did a few baby blankets, too!

Sferra's napkins always stitch beautifully. I have a stack of hemstitched cocktail napkins that I've been meaning to monogram for friends (I think this is going to be a hot thing this summer!), but I haven't gotten around to it.

These were done for a holiday party (I burned the midnight oil to turn these around in less than 24 hours!):

And these dinner napkins were done for several people who gave them to others as presents over the holidays:

As always, you can follow my embroidery work on my Beloved Thread Facebook page!


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