When One House Project Leads to Others

Yesterday, I talked about how we are conflicted between updating one of our three baths or refinishing the floors on our second level. What I didn't mention is that the second floor has three projects related to the floors that need to be done as well.

The previous owner of our house had an addition built onto the back of the house that added a room to our walk-out basement and to our master bedroom. I never mentioned that the master bedroom addition isn't just an extra room, like I showed on my original floor plan. It includes an exterior door.

My floor plan skills are lacking, but it kind of looks like this:

That door freaks me out. Like I imagine robbers at the door on a regular basis. Marc originally thought it was a safety feature, but after the inspector told us the stairs that lead down to our deck weren't code compliant and he showed us that they aren't supported properly, Marc was ready to rip them off the side of the house.The exterior door has to go before the floors are done so there isn't a big square to patch up and then the room needs drywall.

Marc thinks we should do all of the bathrooms before we do the floors because there will so much heavy work going on (we plan on doing major work upstairs to reconfigure the layout).

I was originally convinced that floors HAD to come first, but I see his point about doing the bathrooms before the floors. We can live with scratched up, old floors and I am going to distract myself from looking at furniture all the time by looking at bathroom fixtures.

Next up: work on the lower level bath, which will be much like the condo bath renovation in that we aren't moving any walls or supply lines. Once that's done, we'll be ready to talk to some professionals about the upper level baths since those won't be as simple as the first bathroom.


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