How many times have you not been able to stop thinking about something you passed up while shopping? I doesn't happen all that often for me, but for the last few days, I've been thinking about something in this picture:

The chair is great and the desk is awesome, but I have been thinking about that coat rack with the horse heads. Shopping for something like this is so far down the line that I didn't even bother looking at the price tag when I saw this at Green Front Furniture in Manassas a few weeks ago. I mean, this is still a house where there are paint swatches everywhere. There isn't a single room that I consider "done" right now.

Imagine my surprise when I bought myself Erin Gate's Elements of Style book a few days ago and started reading the first section on entry ways and saw this:

Erin's entry / Photo by Sarah Winchest

I am almost certain that they are the exact same items. Doesn't the rack look great on the wall?

By the way, I've been so busy in recent years that I haven't kept up with many bloggers. I read the blogs of the people I consider my "blog friends," but haven't been reading the bigger bloggers just for lack of time. Picking up Erin Gates' book was a nice reminder of what I liked about her blog. The writing was personal and the tone felt sincere.

There is some repetition in the book, but I have to imagine it's because Erin's clients sometimes see her blog and say "I want that!" Someone in the Amazon reviews was irritated by it, but I saw it as a hint that the owner of the space was a blog reader.


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