Setting Priorities when the To Do List is a Mile Long

I am admitting to myself that I have been horrible about setting priorities when it comes to this house. The sheer number of things that need to be done is overwhelming and it's so much easier to fixate on buying a piece of furniture instead of tackling a major project.

Right now, we have to decide if we want to continue making plans to renovate the lower level bathroom (the first of three bathroom projects) or get the floors on the 2nd level done so we can more forward with our master bedroom. After the upstairs floors are done, I know I'll want to have the main floor done as well. That might push the bathroom project back a year.

On one hand, having one finished bathroom would be nice for us and make me less embarrassed to have guests. I hate sending someone into an old bathroom. It would mean having one room DONE. That would be such a treat after living in this place for a year and a half.

This is the bathroom we'd do first. So far, we had the ceilings scraped and refinished, the toilet seat was switched out (the weekend after we closed!), and the rest has just been scrubbed a whole lot. 

On the other hand, the floors are a huge project and it'd be great to knock them off the list sooner rather than later. The bathrooms function, they're just retro. We barely use the 2nd floor because the rooms don't really function for us yet.

There's where we have been with the master since last year. I painted it when we moved in and bought our gorgeous Vanguard bed during a sale at the Artful Lodger. I haven't put anything else in there because we'll have to clear all all the furniture to have the floors done.

What would you do? The lower level bathroom or the second level floors?


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