Bathroom Renovation: Gathering Inspiration

After posting so many ugly pictures of our bathroom this week, I feel like I have to put something pretty up on the blog!

While I have been pinning to my Beautiful Bathrooms board on Pinterest for years, only a few images I've saved really apply to the lower level bathroom.

This first bathroom is a bit more grande then we'll be going. We don't have tall ceilings in the bathroom and we won't be doing custom millwork or a custom vanity (at least, that isn't the plan at this point), but the bathroom is configured the same way as ours and I love all the marble.

Via the Mix and Chic blog

Because we plan on making the room fairly monochromatic, I'm hoping to lay the floor tiles in our bath in a herringbone pattern. I hope to have grout lines that are just a little bit more narrow than in the bathroom below, but the overall look is similar to what I'm hoping for.

The website where I originally found this image is gone! I can't find the source.

As for the walk-in shower, ours won't be quite as wide as the one below, but we're hoping for a similar look - subway tile and a frameless (or nearly frameless) glass enclosure. Marc would love a bench in the shower, but don't think we have quite enough room for that. We'll talk to our contractor about it to see what the options are.

The blog on which I found this is deleted. I can't find a source!

The next step is to start making material and fixture choices. I created a Google Drive doc to track items as we select them. I'll be checking with our local Ferguson and Nolan showrooms on fixtures, but I think buying online might be the most budget-friendly (and easiest...hello, delivery to the door) option.



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