Bathroom Remodeling: First Things First

While we looked at bathroom tile weeks ago, we were being casual about it - we didn't have measurements, we hadn't looked at fixtures, and we didn't have any contractors retained. I abandoned thinking about the bathroom because I got distracted by some other things, but Marc pulled me back to task yesterday with his suggestion that we move forward with the bathroom sooner rather than later.

We aren't going to change the configuration of the room, but we are going to remove the bathtub and put in a walk-in shower. It's an accessible option and it also lets Baxter, the dog who is afraid of bathtubs, get washed without being traumatized.

I found a fantastic article on Houzz about the amount of space needed for each component in a bathroom.

Tubs are typically 30-32" wide, per the Houzz piece. In our bathroom, the tile around the bath and shower areas extends 34" from the back wall. The room is long enough that we can make the shower area a little wider than those standard measurements. .

The Houzz piece recommends 32-36" for the toilet space in the bathroom and anywhere from 30-48" for a vanity with a single sink. The wood board that was attached to the wall to hold a towel bar and towel ring (side-by-side?) served as a great straight edge to measure this space. We have about 77" of space to work with here.

From here, I'm going to look at a few of the larger fixtures - the toilet and vanity. If I can settle on those, I hope to be inspired to set an overall scheme.

While I've been doing this, Marc's been reaching out to contractor friends to see if anyone we already know has room in their calendar for our project.

I love making plans instead of just talking abut making plans! I realize that we are still a long way from starting the work, but it feels good to have a direction.


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