Did You Get These Bad Super Bowl Ads from Ballard Designs and Fab?

I'm sure there are plenty of people talking about the good and bad Super Bowl commercials this morning, but I want to talk about an email I got hours before the game. On Sunday morning, I got Ballard Design's daily, cookie cutter email about yet another sale (no one buys anything full price from them, right?). The subject line is what got my attention.

"Psst! He's Distracted with the Game... Now is the Time to Save up to 20% off Sitewide"

Seriously, Ballard?

This prompts some questions about Ballard Designs and their marketing team. I started to type them out, but it got so depressing that I stopped and deleted them. Suffice it to say we have insight into what Ballard Designs thinks of their customers and/or insight into the relationships they themselves have.

Ballard Designs, a catalog I've liked since I was a teenager day-dreaming about my future home, wins for the worst Super Bowl ad in my book.

A close second is this Fab email, but at least they were referencing buying a valentine's day gift. It still assumes the men are distracted and their partners are free to sneak some purchases in on the internet during the game.


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