Trend Talks by Genevieve Gorder and Christiane Lemieux

I'm not a big Apartment Therapy reader these days, but I stumbled upon a series of presentations they called Maker Talks in which design professionals talked about trends and design styles that they'd like to see go by the wayside and ones they think will be "in" for 2015.

Up first, Genevieve Gorder. She swears once or twice, so be careful if you hit play while children or colleagues are around.

I love this woman. She is kind, but opinionated. Laid back, but firm in her design convictions.

Next is Christiane Lemieux, founder of DwellStudio. She talks a lot about what influences she sees in fashion, which will affect furniture and interiors. Talk about well-researched! This woman backs up her ideas so well. This talk is the antithesis of that blog posts that annoyed me so much the other day.

Lastly, here's Andrew Corrie of Canvas Home. Andrew's talk is centered around the idea of authenticity. At first, I thought "wishful thinking." However, as he explained this, I found myself nodding in agreement. Authenticity IS in. Perhaps this means some of the image crafting people do is out? Less talking about the fabulous life on Instagram and more showing your tangible skills?

While I'm not running out to buy fur or mid-century pieces from Brazil, I enjoyed these three talks.


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