I Spy: "Junk Shop" Chairs at the Inn at Little Washington

Better Homes and Gardens has been worrying me lately. The issues seem thinner than ever. So I subscribe, hoping my $10 will help them hold on. I remember the period when one magazine folded after another and would hate to see yet another shelter magazine with a long history go away.

No matter what you think of BGH, you have to acknowledge that it's one of the magazines you've flipped through for decades. I personally like the magazine. It's accessible and they feature loads of bloggers. I think that's nice.

The January issue includes this feature, photographed by David Tsay, whose agency is the only source for images of it. If you don't remember the title page, I bet you'll remember the 2nd, which shows the laundry nook that's tucked into a couple's master bedroom.

Or maybe the kitchen that has chalkboard paint on the walls. There's an obsessive-compulsive inside me that cringes at the idea of airborne chalk dust in a room where food is being prepared, but it's a sweet photo of a father and daughter baking.

The image on the left side of this page is what had my interior design Spidey senses going off.

Those chairs. I know those chairs. But where do I know them from? The caption says:

Merrill scored these dining chairs at a junk shop and refurbished them with a fresh white paint and cushions covered in Duralee fabric.

After thinking about it for a while, I remember where I've seen those chairs before. They are in the Presidential Cottage, which is also called Clairborne House, at the gorgeous [and expensive] Inn at Little Washington.

The cottage, and the rest of the property, where designed by Joyce Evans, a set designer from London. She designed the interiors without traveling to the states. See more from the property on the Decor Arts Now blog.

Do you like the chairs painted or with their original finish?


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