Home Decorating Trends for 2015 According to People on the Internet

I always read online articles about home trends with interest. For those of us who consume a lot of content about decorating and interiors, some of the "trends" reported amuse, baffle, or make us downright annoyed. I pulled together a few of the articles that raised my eyebrow and wrote my thoughts on them.

Do you have any of the "out" pieces? I have one or two and they aren't going anywhere.

1. Refinery29's "10 Home Trends that are OVER and The New Ones You Need"

I have to wonder if this list was pulled together just to highlight a few advertisers because there is no rhyme or reason to this one.

They pulled a few things that haven't been trending in YEARS like Keep Calm signs and chevron. The Keep Calm posters became popular in 2009 when Domino (the original magazine, not the catalog thing they are making now) published this:

Keep Calm was not a trend in 2014. Sorry, Refinery.

Do I have to address chevron? Not a trend.

The skulls, succulents, and the drapes seem random to me. Maybe they needed to place the "in" items for advertising reasons and stretched a little bit. I can buy into the fake pelts and deer heads being out, but for a certain set. Mason jars and succulents never seemed like trends in home decorating. They are just things that some people like? I don't remember a run on mason jars in 2014.

As for that stripped rug, bloggers went NUTS for it when Elle Decor published pictures of Nate Berkus's Chicago apartment in their September 2008 issue.

Remember this?

We all know Nate moved to New York to do his show soon after. Here's his living room from his New York apartment, which appeared in Architectural Digest in 2012:

2. House Beautiful's Design Trends that are Out for 2015

House Beautiful put their list together using comments from Facebook users, so I can't fault them for having some outdated things on the list.
I missed all the red and gold in 2014. Oops.
1. INSPIRATIONAL PHRASES: Our Facebook fan Annalisa Davis predicted that come 2015 we'll no longer see inspirational phrases and words like "Live, Laugh, Love" pop up in home decor.
2. CHEVRON: Several of our readers, including McGee Meredith and Lyn Hassinger Buerkett, have had enough of this pattern, which has been popular for a few years now.
3. MASON JARS: Thanks in part to Pinterest, mason jars have been steadily gaining popularity in home decorating, but our reader McGee Meredith can't wait for this trend to fall by the wayside. 
4. RED AND GOLD: According to our reader Luann Baade Trautman, you won't be seeing red and gold popping up in too many rooms in the new year.
5. ACCENT WALLS: Our Facebook fan Amy Christine Lesher says that accent walls will fall by the wayside in 2015, as the trend has not gotten better with age.
6. IKAT: This pattern seemed to be everywhere in 2014, but according to reader Lyn Hassinger Buerkett, you won't be seeing it in man new designs this coming year.
7. OVERLY TILED ROOMS: Our reader Diana Nappi is ready for people to stop using too much tile in their home designs.
 I still don't understand how anything thinks mason jars were trendy this year. Some people use mason jars. Those people will probably always use mason jars. They aren't trendy. There was a period (again, in 2008 or so) when mason jars and burlap were big in weddings.

 3. Yahoo DIY's Design Trends that are Dead in 2015

Remember Katie Brown? She was a mini-Martha who was on PBS for years. She's now Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo DIY and she thinks this stuff was big in 2014 and has to go.

1. Smocked Bedding
I can't recall this being a big thing in 2014. West Elm started making these duvet covers years ago. The look isn't really for me, but I think it's just great for some styles.

2. Tile and Marble Everywhere
Classic, not going anywhere. This one makes NO sense. Marble has been in kitchens and bathrooms for hundreds of years.

3.  ALL One Color ALL the Time
Monogramatic rooms are great, when done right. Just ask Lauren Leiss or Erin from House of Turquoise.
4. Indoor Hammocks
Where these a trend? Did they show up at Target or in countless blogs? I must have missed it.

5. Fake Canopy Beds
Beautiful and shouldn't be considered trendy.

6. Taxidermy

Taxidermy will always be standard in some homes, but agree that it's overdone in some. I live in hunt country and having a stuffed fox or deer might be seen as classic decorating.

7. Chalkboard Paint Walls
Agreed, but Benjamin Moore is promoting their new line of colorful chalkboard paint, so be prepared for some swooning over it.

8. Too many textures in one room

9. Painting just one "accent" wall

Accent walls aren't trendy. They're just something some people do.

10. Sentiment on Canvas

Agreed. A bit overdone.

4. Wall Street Journal's Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015

Someone finally interviewed some honest-to-goodness interior designers for a feature! I enjoyed reading this piece!

The list:
Mixed Metals
Moody Indigo
Painterly Rugs
Smoky Glass
Graphic Tiles 

Just for fun, you should check out interior designer Raina Cox's list of design trends that need a time out and her "Basic Nursery" post.


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