From the Hoop: Clothing Edition

I haven't shared any embroidery projects since August! I post fairly regularly on my Beloved Thread page on Facebook and on my Instagram account, so perhaps that's why I feel like I'm shared everything!

I have so much to share that I'm breaking things up into parts. First up, here are some of the clothes and accessories that I embroidered recently. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be stitching almost every night after work, I wouldn't have believed you.

Monogrammed Quilted Vests

I was intimidated at first by the idea of embroidering puffy vests, but once I did one, I couldn't stop! My first vest was for a friend who agreed to lead a Girl Scout group. She wanted something to layer over her uniform that was a little special, so I designed a monogram with her troop's info on it. She liked it so much that she ordered one for her co-leader.

After I posted a picture of the Girl Scout vests in instagram, I got several inquiries about doing more. Old Navy didn't seem to anticipate the demand for these cute vests, but a few more came in.

This last vest was for a little girl and the front panels were too narrow to hold a three-inch monogram. Instead of shrinking the monogram to fit, I put it that big, pretty monogram on the back so it would be between the girl's shoulder blades. I love how it turned out!

Monogrammed Scarves and Pashminas

My first wedding party order made me so excited. A bride had me monogram six delicate, gauzy pashminas for her bridesmaids. My love of weddings (and the extremely lightweight fabric) made me a little nervous about this project, but they looked beautiful in the end.

These plaid blanket scarves (that's what some people are calling these very large scarves) are so pretty monogrammed!

Monogrammed Pajamas Pants and Seersucker Shorts

I don't know why, but these were some of my favorites from the end of the summer. I love how monograms look against patterns!

Monogrammed Children's Shirts

Some people who do embroidery specialize in children's items. I am not one of those people. The tiny, little shirts are hard to hoop and I always worry that the recipient will think the gift of clothing is lame. Happily, the mother of the little boy who got the "E" shirt said he loved it!

The little boy who got this eagle shirt was my nephew and I was so happy when he put it right on after opening it.

Monogrammed Athletic Shirts

I love the idea of athletes wearing their monograms on running shirts and jackets. I hope this becomes of full out trend!

Monogrammed Wedding Gown Label

This is my favorite of all. This is my first monogrammed wedding dress label. My first one was simple - square, satin, bright blue. I have started to do shapes and have loaded up on light blue thread for next wedding season. I can't wait to do more labels!


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