Carpeting Stairs for a Dog

In my 2015 house goals post, I mentioned that we want to add runners to our stairs because Baxter is having trouble with them.

Baxter lived the first six years of his live in a condo. The only stairs he encountered regularly were outdoors and those were usually made out of brick, stone, or concrete. The first day I took him to the house, he only explored the lower level where he entered. He didn't seem interested in exploring the upper levels. He has obviously been up and down since, but he has gotten more timid of the steps in recent months.

Recently, our little golden retriever has gone from being cautious on the stairs to being downright afraid of them. If he doesn't hit them "right," he'll whimper until someone walks him up. We don't have to carry him...just having someone next to him gives him the confidence to go up the steps.

Even though there are other bigger projects to do, we decided to bump everything and put runners at the top of the list so Baxter can have some relief from the dreaded stairs. So, after finishing work the other day, we headed to Floor Fashions of Virginia, which is just up the road from us, to see if they had anything that would work. I shared some pictures of Floor Fashions' huge, packed warehouse a year ago and I was sure they'd have something for us.

I was kind of right, but kind of wrong. They didn't have anything in stock that interested us, but they had some beautiful carpets that we could order. I immediately gravitated towards four Stanton rugs that had geometric patterns:

These are all aqua, though the photos of some make them look gray. I looked them up online and loved how they looked in the sample images on Stanton's website.

Stanton's Revere

Stanton's Orpheus

Stanton's Cassatt

Stanton's Verse

Eventually, a different favorite emerged, a carpet called Tangier Trellis by Nourison. I loved the pattern and the aqua color option.

This is when our salesman chuckled and told me I had expensive taste. Everything I was picking was around $13-15 per square foot. I think I actually hit on something that was even more, but I dropped it immediately.

He suggested that we look for wool blends instead of 100% wool to cut the price a little bit. I was getting ready to advocate for the Tangier Trellis when Marc found this:

It was a similar pattern, made under a Nourison label, and was a wool blend. I braced myself for the price...and it was between $4 and $5 per square foot! We took the board home just to make sure we loved it and I think we have a winner!

Now I've decided that the risers on the stairs need to get painted  before the runners go down, so I'm going to be scrambling a bit this weekend.

I can't wait for poor Baxter to be less afraid of the stairs!

By the way, the salesperson said we are not the first couple to come in looking to buy carpet for their pet's comfort. It's pretty common!


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