Bathroom Remodel Prepations: Picking a Faucet

We hope to renovate one of our bathrooms this year. I'm gathering materials slowly, just as I did when we renovated our bathroom in our little condo. I think that the slow acquisition allowed me to pick things I truly loved instead of being overly influenced by the total cost of the project. I made a Google doc for the project and listed out every component that we need to purchase. I'm going to slowly make my way down the list and the bathroom will come together as I make selections. I might have to revisit a few here and there, but I think the idea of methodically working through the list will be good for my style.

When we shopped for tile, we liked tile that was very similar to the tile we used in our condo bathroom. After tile, I think fixtures are important details to settle. I loved the Kohler Memoirs Stately faucet and shower fixtures we used in the condo, but I wanted something a little softer for this downstairs bathroom. The first faucet that caught my attention was Kohler's Pinstripe.


I love the shape of the drain pull and the etched "H" and "C" on the handles. The shape is elegant, but still substantial. The list price on the Kohler website was $783, but there are plumbing supply stores online that have it for $587. That still seems expensive, but I haven't shopped for faucets in over five years.

I looked at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and liked several of their faucets, but the one I liked best was over $1,000. Even with a discount code, that is more than I want to spend on the basement bathroom. I once read that Brasstech makes some fixtures for Restoration Hardware, so I did some searching and arrived at Brasstech's Newport Brass division. I loved their Miro faucet, which seemed like a cross between Pottery Barn's Covington faucet and Restoration Hardware's Asbury. The Miro has a list price of $699, but I found it for around $490 on the plumbing supply websites.

While walking through Lowes one day, I saw Moen's Boardwalk faucet and thought it was in the same world, design wise, as the others I had liked. Oddly, the Moen website lists the Boardwalk at $413, but Lowes is selling it for $139. That doesn't make sense, but I double checked that I was looking at the same finish.

Usually, I'd advocate for splurging on the item that is most liked (for me, that would be the Newport Brass Miro), but maybe that makes more sense for our master bathroom or the guest bathroom. Maybe for the basement bath, the Boardwalk (the $139 Lowes edition) makes more sense?


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