Another Visit to a Tile Shop

I'm a little conflicted about this post. Marc and I went to a tile shop together a few days ago. We saw beautiful tile, but we got a weird vibe from the person who helped us (not the owner). It was a condescending vibe that didn't sit right with either of us. I was startled because I've never encountered anything like this in our town.

I'm trying to decide if the person was just having a bad day, in which case we could go back to try again. On the other hand, we know we like the tile shop in Richmond and there isn't exactly a marble monopoly that would make us use the local place.

There were a few times when I almost turned on my heel and walked out of the store, but I stayed and kept looking. Maybe part of me felt like I had to prove that I belonged there, looking at expensive marble mosaics. Maybe part of me just wanted to take pictures of all the pretty tile for the blog...or take pictures to show to the nice people at that tile store in Richmond.

Anyway, here are pictures of pretty tiles and some notes about what we saw.

This was our favorite section. We love mosaics and couldn't really pick a favorite. Do you see the patterned tiles on the middle row? Those are screen printed! They aren't even all that expensive compared to the traditional mosaics.

Here are a few more styles:

This sink isn't our style, but we thought it was so interesting!


Some of the mosaics we really liked were a little pricey, but these would only be for the shower floor and that's not a massive space.

We've all seen hex a thousand times, but it's always fun to see the different sizes. I personally like larger hex tiles over the minis.

There was a point when the tile guy seemed to warm up to us a little bit and showed us this awesome floral. It had ming green accents, which weren't example what I was thinking of for the basement bathroom, but it looked great against almost every marble in the store.

Of course, we gravitated towards beautiful basketweave again.

I took a picture of this tile because it reminded me of Burberry's signature plaid. 

They had one corner that reminded us of the condo bathroom. The tile guy said that putting marble subway up the wall like wainscoting would make the room feel tiny. What do you think? 

We both really liked the floor tile they used in this corner. I'm not crazy about some of the tiles that are made to look like wood, but I feel like this one is actually pretty and interesting (especially in this "shade" color).

I still don't feel like I know exactly what we are doing with the bathroom, but I'm going to start looking at other details to see if they help me narrow down the tile options. 


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