A Few Studio Updates

If I'm not doing work for my academic job, I'm working in my studio. When we first moved in, we called it "the office," but this is a creative space and "studio" feels more appropriate to me. Maybe I also fear that it would be depressing to be in an "office" for almost every waking hour of the day and the word "studio" hints at the work that goes on in here being enjoyable.

Though we plan to redo the floors and remove the baseboard heater down the line, I'm a window treatment and a light fixture away from calling the studio done.

Last time I shared this space, I had found a table for my sewing/embroidery machine and laptop. I've since added an adjustable height stool so I can sit when I work on embroidery designs and monogram layouts. I looked at so many stools that had adjustable height seats, but some were a bit too heavy on metal and others had legs that spread out quite wide. I finally found this stool on some random home website, but ultimately got it for a great price on Overstock.com. I have never had success with Overstock and this order wasn't perfect. There's a spot where the stool is dented, but it's only noticeable if you look really closely, so I'm going to keep it.

I had been keeping all of my thread on my sewing table, but my collection has grown so much that spools were lined up on the window sill. Sunlight can't fade thread over time, so this wasn't ideal. A lot of the thread racks out there are kind of ugly. Many embroidery pros use peg boards to hang their threads and hoops, but I didn't like the look. I also use a kind of spool called a mini-king. It's larger than the thread you buy for regular sewing, but not as big as what you'd use with an industrial machine.

I found some great looking thread racks on the Home Decorator's website (under the same Martha Stewart craft line as my sewing table and desk). One of the comments specifically mentioned my kind of thread spool as fitting on the rack, so I ordered two. I LOVE being able to see all of my pretty threads at once. It makes picking colors so much easier!

My desk is on the opposite side of the room and I have to admit that I haven't spent much time making this area pretty. In fact, I relocated my paint brush vase and candle to the desk because it was so blank over there.

One of my pet peeves at work is that my desk is so old that the middle is too narrow to actually tuck a modern office chair under the desk. I hate that my chair doesn't tuck under my desk in the studio, either. This is definitely a temporary situation. I'll get some more of those pictures stacked under the desk hung at some point. 

There's a topic about which very few people in the embroidery world talk: how much time we spend ironing. It might be odd to have an ironing board in a picture, but it is a permanent fixture in an embroidery studio. If you follow me on instagram, you've seen my ironing board in almost every picture of embroidered items that I've shared!

I love that I have some pretty pictures at which to look while I do my ironing and starching.

When the window valance I ordered arrives, I'll take some better pictures and have the first room to add to our "house tour" page, which currently just features the condo we sold in 2013.


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