A Fast and Easy Front Door Update

I mentioned that I wasn't crazy about our front door last month. Replacing it isn't high on our priority list, but I decided that a quick facelift might be nice. The improvements included a new doorknocker, hardware, and a coat of paint.

The door knocker I wanted arrived pretty quickly and thought it was a touch smaller than I had hoped, I still thought it was a nice addition to the formerly blank door.

The door had a strange texture and I wasn't sure how it would take to paint, but I decided anything would be better than white, which had gotten dirty over the years. We picked Pantone's Haute Red color since I wanted to get this done on a Sunday and our Benjamin Moore dealer was closed.

First, I removed the brass kick plate from the door.

The side of the kick plate that had been against the door showed just how dirty the front had gotten.I'm not sure this photo shows it, but the door paint behind the kick plate was a bit lighter, as you'd expect.

Brasso brass polish is a new product to me and I was so impressed with it. I barely had to put any pressure on the brass to get it clean. The Brasso did all the work.

Once the brass was clean, I taped the hardware off on the door and get ready to paint.

I wasn't crazy about the color after the first coat, but I've learned that reds need three coats to really show consistent color.

Putting the kick plate back on was kind of exciting. I loved the contrast between the red paint and that shiny brass!

The red was perfect for the holidays! We added a wreath once the door knocker was hung and Marc commented several times that he thought the door looked so much better than before.

Someday, we'll have a new door installed, but for now, I love the cheerful red. 

One more upgrade that we discussed is possibly buying a lock set that has push buttons on it so we could open the doors without a key. I looked into a few tools that use a bluetooth to open the door, but the early reviews don't seem great on them. I think the push buttons could be nice. Anyone have experience with those?


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