The 2015 House Goals

We've made so many lists of house projects since we moved into the house. Every time we go out to dinner or take a walk around the neighborhood, we wind up talking about what should come next and what are the big priorities. There is SO much to do that the lists become overwhelming and we opt to do nothing. And doing nothing makes me miserable in the house.

So the other day as we were walking Baxter, I told Marc that I thought we should just make a list of projects we wanted done this year. Looking at a shorter list of projects might be less daunting and make us more apt to get things done.

House Projects for 2015

-Paint the upstairs hallways and stairs
-Add runners to the stairs (Baxter is having trouble with the stairs)
-Remove the exterior door on the 2nd floor (more on this soon)
-Update one bathroom
-Have the 2nd floor wood floors refinished
-paint the kitchen
-prune/remove a few more trees
The list might seem short, but with us both working pretty crazy hours these days, it's daunting to me. Marc is doing a lot more business travel now and the embroidery projects have increased a lot in recent months.Which reminds me that I haven't done a "From the Hoop" post in a while!

If, by some miracle, we get that all done, I'd love to tackle or poorly laid out closets on the second floor, but that might be task better left to next year.


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