Paint Color Mistakes

I'd like to think I'm pretty good at picking paint colors, but I made a huge mistake about a year ago. I was really into coral and decided to paint the front hall a shade of Benjamin Moore Hydrangea Flowers. I did a test swatch of three different strengths (100%, 50%, and 25%) and settled on the 50%.

None of the strengths would have been right. The color was just too much for me. I knew this as I painted, but I kept telling myself that having white walls for so long was making me afraid of color and once I was done, I would love it.

I hated it. One day when Marc was on a business trip, I decided to surprise him by getting rid of the coral. I gave myself one day to make a choice about color. Certain colors were jumping out to me when I looked at my fan decks, but I had trouble finding examples of them online. I often double check my color choices by googling them (which is how I found Mrs. Limestone way back when I did the condo bathroom...I was looking for a bathroom that was painted with BM Quiet Moments).

The pink that kept coming up was Benjamin Moore's Wild Aster. A few bloggers used it in their homes and it is all over the internet as the best pink. So I got a sample of Wild Aster and the pink that I liked the best in my fan decks, Benjamin Moore Shell Pink.

Forgive the lighting...this is in our dark, upstairs hallway:

Wild Aster comes off as lavender to me, not pink. Shell Pink was soft, not a pink for a little girl's bedroom, but a subtle and sophisticated pink. The decision was made.

From the first brush stroke, I was happy. When the paint was dry and I was able to put Olivia back on the wall, I was thrilled with how the color looked next to her. It's a great color for her sweet, pink nose.

Now, I need to get back to finding a chest or console to sit underneath her so the front hall has a little more going on. For now, Olivia is quite lonely.


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