Antiquing in Sperryville at Schoolhouse Antiques and Copper Fox

I saw a post on Facebook about a barn sale a few weeks ago and asked Marc if he wanted to go. Since the property was near Sperryville, he suggested we make a day of hitting up antique shops. Marc sometimes does business at the Inn at Little Washington, so he knows the area well.

Though you might not know it by the looks of him, Marc is an amazing antique hunter. I sometimes think he would love being part of an architectural salvage or antique picking team because he has such a keen eye. If I tell him we are looking for something that fits certain criteria, he'll find half a dozen options in a shop. We jokingly call him "Eagle Eye" because of his skills.

The first top was the barn sale, which was small, but interesting. The barn itself was two stories with tons of nooks and crannies. More items were outside. There was a lot of taxidermy...plenty that I didn't photograph (like a goose with wings outstretched and a beautiful turkey).

Marc guided me to the next stop, Schoolhouse Antiques in Sperryville. This was my favorite stop of the day. The store is, appropriately, in an school that is quite large. There were a few other businesses attached, including a bar (brilliant!). The bar has a website, but the antique store doesn't!

The biggest chair we'd ever seen. There are armrests for average people in the inside!

The school house's gym and theater

This way to the bar.

Two demi-lunes together!

The next stop was the Middle Street Gallery. I didn't take pictures of the art, but it was a beautiful building. The complex in which the gallery is located includes a distillery, Mexican restaurant, and an antique shop.

Of course, our next stop was the antique store, Copper Fox Antiques. They are located in a building that used to be an apple packing plant. The place is extremely raw and rustic. The back areas are downright creepy and I don't think I would have ventured too deep into the building without Marc.

I'm going to separate the pictures out by front and back. Here are some photos from the front:

Some sort of game? It was marked sold.

And then the back...

That sign made me sad...clearly left from the building's early days.

I am pretty sure that's the typewriter my dad bought in the late 80s or early 90s.

It was definitely an interesting day! Marc took me to It's About Thyme in Culpepper for dinner to finish the day and we headed back to Charlottesville. We didn't purchase anything, but it was an interesting trip!


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