A [Slightly] More Welcoming Front Door

One thing that I immediately disliked when we first pulled up to our house was the front door. There was a storm door that had bars on it that seemed really dated and unwelcoming to me. The door itself looked like a slab of wood that had been painted. There was no door knocker and no detail. It is a big, solid door, so it's extremely secure, but I don't love it.

The front step isn't large enough for someone to stand on it while opening the storm door and there's a brick pillar built into the front step so the entry isn't symmetrical. It just isn't pleasing to me.

We have so much to do around here (a new HVAC and new venting is around the corner), so my dream of knocking the brick wall out and extending the steps so there's more of a landing isn't going to be realized in the near future. This past weekend, I decided to do something small to improve the situation.

First, the sad (and somewhat embarrassing) before:

It's hard to even look at it. See that brick wall on the left? Why did someone put that there? Why is the landing as deep as the door? You have to stand to the right of the door, open it, and then stand in front of the door. If you step backwards when you open the storm door, you'll fall down to the lower step. 

I was inspired by my friends at Southern Blooms to buy a hacksaw to take care of those bars. I was helping them install their designs at a wedding and they used thick metal rods to secure one part of the very elaborate setup.They used a simple hacksaw to cut the rods down the size. If a hacksaw can do that, it could take care of some silly bars, right?

Well, it took some doing and I had to call in Marc because my hands weren't strong enough to complete the job, but after a while, we had a simpler storm door. I also had Marc fix those lights...we left them up after the holidays because that solitary lantern doesn't give off much light.

It's very plain right now, but it's a work in progress. We've already discussed doing a double layer of garlands for the holidays so the door will be framed nicely. 

My dream would be to attack that wall next, but I think that will have to wait a while. For now, I'm going to order some new door hardware (I love that "S" door knocker!) and paint the door a pretty, red color. Benjamin Moore's Moroccan Red was my initial thought, but I haven't made a final decision. 

Front Door 

Baby steps. 


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