When Bloggers Quit Blogging (and them come back)

Well, I did something kind of dumb. I pulled my blogging muscle in July. You see, a group of ex-blogging bees from Weddingbee (most of us stay in touch) decided to have a little blogging support group during the month of July. We aimed to blog more regularly and encourage each other throughout the month. It worked!

July was awesome. I got back in my blogging habit, writing something almost every day (or night). I thought I'd keep going, but I gave myself permission to take a little break and concentrate on some other things.

Before I knew it, over a month had passed. One day, this comment came in:

I realized I had left this blog long enough for someone to think it was defunct! Yikes! 

I'm going to ease back into things. I have tons of pictures to share (I kept telling myself  "I need to blog this!") and I'll start to work through them. I've made some decisions in the last few weeks about our place. I realized that I made a huge mistake with one decision and averted a mistake with another.

More soon!


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