Buying American vs. Buying Imports (Antique Edition)

Yesterday, I talked about finding some furniture for our front hall and ultimately being conflicted between an American-made chest by Hickory Chair and some imported chests/sideboards by Modern History that were roughly half the price. All of them were beautiful and would fit nicely in the space.

I decided to take a look at 1stDibs to see if there were any pieces that were around the same price as the Hickory Chair piece and I found a lot of options (many had lower prices). Here are a few of my favorites:

 1. American-made, from around 1945, this piece is the most expensive of any I've considered, but isn't it gorgeous?

2. American-made, from the 1930s, this chest is a tad too deep, but I love the rounded edges and the hardware.

3. French, from around 1900, the price on this piece was between the Hickory Chair chest I originally like and the Modern History imports. I hadn't considered black before I found this, but I really like it!

4. French, from the 1880s, I just find myself smiling when I look at this one. The keyholes in the middle of each drawer are surrounded by pretty ribbon detail.

5. Argentina, made in the 1930s. The dealer on this piece has cut its price by $2,000, which was pretty exciting.

6. Austria, made in the 1920s, I love that this piece is shaped differently. It has an art deco feel to it, which I find interesting...but maybe that's not quite right for our space.

So, at this point, I've shopped old and I've shopped new and have looked at American made pieces and imports. I honestly don't know exactly what we'll wind up with. I'd love to buy American, but when there is SO much to do in this house, the imports that are half the price are pretty attractive.


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