Shop Tour: The Kellogg Collection (and a new light fixture!)

I stopped into The Kellogg Collection in Richmond the other day on a whim. I was actually going from the Shades of Light Outlet (Decorator's Outlet) in Midlothian to Ruth & Ollie in Carytown, but when I recognized the shopping center on River Road and turned in.

The Kellogg Collection isn't really my style. At least, that's what I decided over ten years ago when I stopped into the McLean location. I think I may have also been in the Richmond location before as well. Back then, I decided the store was stuffy and too formal. Maybe I was going through a casual stage.

This time around, I was admiring one item after the next, happily snapping pictures as I walked through the store. I love how they use area rugs to define the different vignettes in the space.

Blue and white pottery has been back for about a year now. I regret selling all of mine when I got rid of the big armoire that used to hold my TV. That was one of the pitfalls of the condo. There wasn't a place to store items I wasn't presently loving. I wish I had just tucked all that pottery away. I'd be using it now!

The designers on staff were working with a customer, so the swatch books were out and about.

We're in the market for a few more rugs, but I'm not going to buy another rough, flatweave rug. I loved the mix that they had in their rug area.

One of the staff members let me know that they are having a sale right now. You can take 20% off any item of your choice! That made me revisit a light fixture I had admired when I first walked in the door.

They let customers try items out at home without buying them and that was offered to me, but I was certain the light was perfect for our front hall.  After some googling, I found out that it's made by Aiden Gray. Per the company website, And George right here in Charlottesville also carries their line.

I can't wait to get it hung in the front hall!


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