Shop Tour: International Tile and Marble

Marc and I were in Hampton Roads visiting his mother last week (and we happened to see some awesome concerts while we were there). One afternoon, we went to the International Tile and Marble showroom in Newport News, VA to find tile for my mother-in-law's new fireplace wall.

I have to admit that when we walked in,I saw a lot of trendy glass tile and plenty of rustic stone around.

I actually liked this tile for my mother-in-law's house. Her style is a little more modern than mine.

After a minute, I turned to my left and saw the most beautiful wall of tile.

I recognized some of the tile as New Ravenna tile. New Ravenna is made on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Probably the most local tile you can get for us in Virginia!

They also had a beautiful display of Porcelanosa tile from Spain.

Then there was a massive display of tile. I couldn't even fit it all in the picture.

While my mother-in-law shopped and signed out samples, I flipped through the gorgeous New Ravenna catalog. I was too afraid to ask how much my favorite cost.

Of course, now I'm itching to start working on one of our bathrooms! That might be the next big project!

1761 Rock Landing Drive
Newport News, VA 23606


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