Our Woods are Thinning

One Wednesday night, I heard the most spectacular noise while I was cleaning. I couldn't decide if someone was trying to break a door down or if there was some sort of accident outside.

When I looked out to the back of the property, I saw a massive limb from one of our trees laying across a shed that we don't use. Our neighbor came running and we talked for a minute about all of the old trees around and how had had to take some down around his property several years ago.

It was getting late, so I told him that I'd call Marc (who was at a work function) and we'd take care of it the next day, which was yesterday.

Marc went over to assess the situation Thursday morning and he was gone for well over an hour. I got curious and went over to our neighbor's house. That shed is right at the line between our properties and I kind of assumed there were just some leaves and things on his side. I was wrong. The limb was way bigger than I thought. You can see the shed through the trees on the left of this picture. This is after Marc has been cutting the limb up for a while.

Here's the scary thing: there was no storm. There wasn't even any wind. This massive limb just fell.

So much of the limb was exposed that it smelled like freshly cut wood in the yard. It reminded me of being in a wood shop or in the lumber section of the hardware store.

Our neighbor's driveway was full of debris. The limb took down a lot of smaller branches as it fell. Luckily, none of our neighbors' cars were hit. 

 If you look at the top of the tree in the middle of this picture, you can see where the limb was originally attached to the tree. The small tree in front of it has no branches anymore.

The number of acorns in our neighbors' driveway was amazing. It might sound silly, but it was hard to walk around because there were so many of them.

We kept thinking about how lucky we were that the limb didn't hurt anyone, hit a house, or a car. Our neighbors are avid gardeners, so they are outside all the time working on their plants.

Marc was able get the smaller branches off their driveway with a saw attachment that goes on his trimmer. This weekend, he'll use a chain saw to remove the rest.

 Needless to say, we're looking to bring a crew in to take the tree and a couple others in the back part of the property down. We had already talked to one group about doing some work in our front and side yards, but I think we'll have to get the backyard taken care of as soon as possible.

I was going to spend next week painting the kitchen, but I think we need to focus on getting the tree situation under control.


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