From the Hoop: Making it Official

I bought my sewing and embroidery machine one year ago. I imagined doing a lot of work for other people, but spending a lot of time monogramming my own items. That hasn't really happened. From the moment I posted my first test items (Marc's shorts!), I had requests for designs or monograms from friends. I loved doing those "jobs" and I put the word in quotes because they didn't seem like work.

After a few months, I started jumping in on "group buys" to get more interesting items to embroider. Group buys are organized by people with wholesale accounts when they can't meet a minimum required by a dealer. The tote bags I monogrammed in the spring that were so popular were part of a group buy.

As the year has gone by, more and more signs have been pointing to making Beloved Thread official. There were several hoops (hoops...embroidery...haha...get it?)through which I had to jump, but I registered with the federal, state, and local governments in recent weeks. I have a few more items to check off on my "to do" list, but as far as some government agencies are considered, I'm official. Yikes!

I changed from having a Facebook group to having a more official business page. I'd love to have your "like" on the Beloved Thread page! Of course, if you want to see all the posts on a page, you have to hit "get notifications" (as opposed to a group, where you always get the updates).

I still haven't gone to Etsy. I'm not sure I will after reading more about it. Between the fees and the painful process of posting items, I'm not sure it's for me at this point. After all, I love doing work for friends or friends of friends. For now, I have a store on an newer Etsy-like site called Storenvy. The reason I went to them was that they allowed the store to be integrated into the Facebook page. That should make it much, much easier for people to pay for items.

Thanks for your positive comments on my embroidery posts this year. It's a bit of a departure from my regular blog content, but it's been a fun part of my life this year!


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