Efex Decorative Latex Trim and Appliques at Sisters Unique

While visiting Marc's mother at the beach a couple weeks ago, I asked if we could stop into Sisters Unique, one of my favorite home stores in the area, located in Newport News. Though they had just received a massive shipment of new merchandise and were busy resetting the entire store, they welcomed us inside to look around.

I posted a "shop tour" entry about Sisters Unique last year and a lot has changed since then! One quadrant of the store has changed into a workshop. Sisters Unique is now teaching decorative painting classes! They've started carrying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which has been pretty popular among bloggers for years, but seems to be getting a lot of mainstream attention these days (an Annie Sloan dealer also recently opened here in Charlottesville). Owner Joy Kaminski showed me around the workshop area and then pointed out a really ingenious product from New Zealand that they are selling in the shop and in their online store.

Efex Decorative Latex Appliques are flexible pieces that you can glue to a surface and paint over. They are flexible and even stretch a little bit. Once painted, they look like original decorative pieces. The most amazing part: the price. Most of the pieces I saw were $6-14.

They can be used to make pieces like these, from Efex's Pinterest page:

Here are some of the examples on display at Sisters Unique:

 The selection covers so many different styles.

The two below the frame in the picture below can be used under hardware on a dresser or alone as decorative pieces.

I'm so excited to experiment with a few pieces! These could take your next hack to a totally different level.

City Center at Oyster Point
701 Mariners Row
Newport News, VA
(757) 595-9355


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