When the White Paint You Pick isn't the Right White

Marc is always amused when I have to pick white paint. To him, I'm staring at parts of the fan deck that show the exact same color. In the condo, White Dove and Alabaster were my "go to" which paints. However,  I had picked a different white, Benjamin Moore's White Heron, to go with our dining room paint (BM Chrystalline) and loved it, so I thought I'd pick another white to go with the front hall paint, BM Hydrangea Flowers mixed at 50%.

After quite a bit of scrutinizing the my paint fan decks, I arrived at Benjamin Moore's Paper Mache for the trim. The meant we had four different whites in the house.

I thought that one white paint for the whole house was lame and boring. Having a different white for each room meant that I was super attentive to details and very designer-y, right?


Within a few minutes of putting the Paper Mache on the trim in the front hall, I hated it. It was too stark and part of me thought it was reading a touch...green. In the picture below, the ceiling and crown are as they were when we moved in. The chair rail is painted with Paper Mache.

I think there's a reason White Dove is so popular. It works. It looks great in natural and artificial light. It isn't too stark.

I made a mistake. While the White Heron looks great in the dining room, against BM Crystalline, I don't need a different white in every room. Lesson learned. Back to White Dove!


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