When Mat Cutters Don't Work

We usually upgrade standard picture frames by having custom mats made at a framing store in Charlottesville called The Great Frame Up. They have a huge color selection and usually have mats cut in an hour or two.

While putting my office/sewing studio together, I wanted to switch out some of the old sketches I framed long ago in favor of a few things from our wedding. I have so many sketches in those cheap, little Ikea frames and I'm kind of tired of them. When I had a gallery "wall" (really a nook) in the condo, they sort of served as filler. As I looked at the pile and thought about how many mats I needed, I decided to try the DIY route and buy a mat cutter.

The mat cutters I saw ranged from about $30 to $280. I went from a cutter that was a step or two up from the cheapest one I found. After reading directions and watching a video, I had one very gnarly looking mat.

I think I'll stick to letting the lovely folks at The Great Frame Up cut my mats.

In an attempt to salvage the mat I destroyed, I pulled out some glue, ribbon, and toothpicks (for spreading the glue).

I glued the ribbon around the [poorly] cut edges of the mat and folded the edges under any fraying would be hidden. 

Once I had all four sides of the mat covered, I mounted our wedding invitation inside and hung it under a picture Jen Fariello took of us. I love looking over at the little vignette while I'm working on my sewing machine.


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