Sneak Peek at Jonathan Adler's Online Warehouse Sale!

The super lovely and chic people chez Jonathan Adler gave me a sneak peek at a couple goodies that will be on super duper, deep discount tomorrow for their Warehouse Sale.

Bobo Waves Pillow - was $88, will be $25.99

 Lena Lamp - was $595, will be $356.99

Pop Sugar Candle - was $38, will be $18.99

Siamese Cat - was $88, will be $23.99

Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers - were $48, will be $27.99

I might be including that last one as a reminder to myself. I love those little guys!

That's just a taste...there will be plenty more on sale tomorrow.

BTW, remember when Jonathan was a judge on Bravo's Top Design (RIP)? The show only lasted two seasons, but it was Project Runway for the interior design set. Eddie Ross was on the first season. I found this quick video about what it was like behind-the-scenes...

Even if it was "JV," I miss that show! Design shows seem to be few and far between these days. There's so much more time given to real estate shows and I'm a little sad about that. Come on Bravo and HGTV, show us more design!


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