Office/Sewing Studio Developments

Work on my office is moving along and I need to figure out what I'm going to do about the small, high window in the room and several folding doors that cover some deep shelves along one wall and the closet on the other wall.

As a reminder, here's what the room looked like when we first looked at the house:

And here's a wide shot that I took on inspection day:

After a lot of painting, here is what the office looks like right now:

Maybe that's not the most exciting update, but it feels so much better now that there is a nice color on the walls (Benjamin Moore Silver Crest) and the ceiling and trim are painted white (White Dove, specifically).

The doors and tracks on the closets aren't in the best shape, so I think I'm going to pull them out of the room (I originally considered painting them). In an ideal world, I'd install traditional doors instead or maybe put up curtains. Curtains might look funny since they wouldn't fall from the ceiling, though.

I briefly thought about taking the shelves out completely. They're about a foot and a half deep, so they reduce the footprint of the room a bit. I know it seems insane to remove storage when so many people are desperate for it, but we have another set of closets that look just like them one room away and we will eventually redo the adjacent laundry room and add storage in there. Regardless, it's not the right time to pull the shelves. They're holding a lot of things that will eventually go into the kitchen, but I didn't want to load those cabinets yet since we'll be painting them at some point in the near future.

Regarding the window, I decided that this room is going to receive my first set of homemade window treatments. What kind of window treatments is up for debate. My standard route is to hang drapes "high and wide" to make a window look larger. However, I need to the walls to hang embroidery supplies (my hoops, stabilizers, and thread rack), so I might have to go with a roman shade or a very simple valance-style curtain.

I've seen several fabrics that I like. These first three are from U-Fab here in Charlottesville. Two have embroidery on them, which seems appropriate.

These last few were ones I saw online.

I haven't investigated minimums on these fabrics, though I know one of the U-Fab options is special order, so there's probably a requirement. The other two U-Fab options are right in the store, so I could go get a yard or two today.

I hope to have a few decisions made by next week.


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